About us

feed.bdshop.com is developed and maintained by BDSHOP.com which is an e-commerce adventure of “BDSP IT”. We will post regular offers, discounts, news and other special promotional offers casually. This site you can consider as very natural news feeds for our products and other promotional activities. But, please be noted that the posts and other offers may have certain limitations and other terms. So, it’s better to visit the attached link to confirm the offer validity of our main website (www.bdshop.com)

Here is some more about BDSHOP.com 🙂 We are trying to do all the things a little bit differently to make your Online Shopping in Bangladesh better. We sell only Original stuff and covering Consumer Electronics, Fashion Products, and Household items and we focus on the way you want it should be. We are not only an E-Commerce company, we are also very much dedicated to content oriented and knowledge base of products that will give you extra comfort while you shop online with us.

Customer support and satisfaction is our main strength. We are working really hard every moment to make your online shopping in Bangladesh easy, Secure & delightful. We are committed to making online shopping in Bangladesh a reason to go for it. Give a try to our online store and we are hopeful to give you our best support.

If you wish to contact us, don’t hesitate to visit our Contact us page.